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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


We now have a regular gig at Tagaytay, its at Junzi Oriental Cuisine at Tagaytay, right in front of Cafe Lupe and a few steps away from Starbucks... so for those of you guys who wants to hang out and get away from the busy Metro, come and check us out and listen to cool acoustic music. ;)

We play there every Saturdays and Sundays... sana me manood sa inyo...


posted by Jay at 7:50 PM

Sunday, May 21, 2006

When reason becomes unreasonable

Here I am again, trying to find my ink, willing my hand to write, asking myself if there are enough reasons to make each day worth the effort to breathe.

I've been bruised again, badly beaten up, shakened and gasping for air.

I am surprised that I am writing these lines again, I never thought Id find myself in the edge of reason again.

The lesson I get is painful, but I'll remember it now, Trust no one, expect the worst even from people you care about and shared your life with.

Even from people you called your friend.


posted by Jay at 11:02 PM

Friday, February 24, 2006

Pen and paper?

I miss writing...

My warm heaven, my only comfort when I was down...

I miss my blogger friends, and I terribly miss blogging...

I wish I can make time for it like I did before...

Oh by the way, we're coming up with an indie album... watch out for it...

meantime... I'll just stick with pen and paper...


posted by Jay at 12:43 AM

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

still here but im gone

My last post was eons ago and so many things have happened... I must say I'm a little worn out, and I thought that I would never get the chance to write here ever again... but like I said, once a blogger, always a blogger...

I took another shot at the call center business, I was able to make it to the production floor of Teletech as a Technical Support Representative but I can't keep up with that kind of timezone... I felt like Im in another dimension, so after 3 months I resigned.

What's keeping me busy? the band, we call ourselves the soundchasers
we play acoustic music and I'm in charge of the beatbox... I still write songs...

My skies have turned grey again, I dont know if it's just the rain or the season...

Life has a way of toying up on you... I dont know what else to write...

Welcome to my world again...

Rain fell at 11:00 am


posted by Jay at 6:53 PM

Thursday, May 05, 2005

It has really been a while...

If I hadn't seen my blog, i would never admit that I am a sleazebag, a lazy couch potato with a brain the size of a nut...

Yes, I loathe myself for all the months I failed to post anything on this side of my world...

But I will return...

In other news...

My "Home" article (from this very same spot) was published on the May 4 issue of 2bu! Thanks Pam! Sana ok yung prize na makuha ko!!!

I'll be back I promise, kahit wala na yatang nagbabasa ng blog ko... hehe!!


posted by Jay at 11:14 PM

Thursday, February 10, 2005

I won!

Got some great news, I was chosen as the comic survivor in Lagot ka in yesterday's shoot... I waited there for half a day clueless of what's gonna happen. It was on the last sequence where they announced that I won and I was really surprise. For those of you who were able to watch it, I was up against Cali, the bald guy whose energy level can be quite intimidating at times... but I won! It felt really cool shaking hands with all those big names, Raymart, Benjie Bearwin Meily and the other mainstays in Lagot ka... plus I got to take home a Magic Sing Karaoke Microphone!

This one's for you hun!

I hope this will be the start of us nearing close to our dreams...

I love you!!!


posted by Jay at 11:54 PM

Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Best of Makoy

Usapang Kalye 3

One afternoon, after we played basketball and we were enjoying RC Cola...

[Makoy] Bwisit talaga yang bata na yan.
[Jhe] Sino?
[Makoy] Yan si Mico
[Mokong] Bakit naman?
[Makoy] Napakabastos e, namamakyu! (meaning, the kid was giving him the finger)
[Mokong] e talaga lang bastusin ka siguro, bakit naman kame hinde pina-fuck you-han nyan
[Makoy] Batukan ko kaya?
[Jhe] Gago ka ba? E kung magsumbong yan kay Mang Dante?!?(Mang Dante is Mico's father, a retired AFP soldier)
[Mokong] Dating sundalo yun, baka kala mo, me baril pa yun
[Makoy] E di sasabihin ko " namamakyu yung anak mo e, e kung ikaw kaya Fuck you-han ko, di mo ako babatukan? "
[Mokong] e kung sagutin ka, "Hinde, kse babarilin kita!"
[Makoy] sasabihin ko " e di hinde ko kayo papakyuhan..."

I dont know about you, but I laughed with that exchange of wit, if you may call it wit or just plain humor. But seriously, I wondered how much fear we have for our lives at gunpoint. Why in the world would we humans think about creating something that would destroy life. I don't buy the idea of self preservation, I think its more of being able to control others, of having the power or dominance over another. We live in a world where everybody wants to be king.

I think this world needs to get rid of all things that are meant to destroy and not to preserve... Nukes, guns, weapons of mass destruction and everything that was invented that life itself is against of... Just like Makoy who fears nothing except a gun being pointed to his face. We all need to feel safe with others no matter how big their fingers are.

(from the archives of my old blog


posted by Jay at 11:52 PM